Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kaze Hikaru Vol. 20 Chapter 100 Release~!

Here is our release for chapter 100.  For this chapter, we did a joint project with Limerence Scanslations where they worked on the typsetting.  The download link for the chapter will be provided on their website in a few days.

Chapter 100:

Read online here

The download link will be provided in a few days.  Do not upload this to any manga sharing sites until then.  Thank you.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Kaze Hikaru Vol. 20 Ch. 99

Sorry for the long delay.  I really have no excuse for this.  This chapter was supposed to have been released months ago but I ended up just putting it off.

Since Orange Pekoe and I have already worked on the translation for this, I thought I should at least release it before Viz's vol. 20 comes out in September.   Since Viz is releasing vol. 20 soon, I doubt we'll release the chapter for that volume.  (meaning ch. 100 - 102).  We may just work on ch. 103 next, if we do do another chapter.  It's still being debated.

Now without further ado

Kaze Hikaru Vol. 20 Ch 99~!

if the above link doesn't work

Click here

DO NOT post these scans on any other manga reading websites yet!  I will post a download link in a few days.  After I post it, you can upload it on other sites, but until then, please do not.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Download link for Ch. 98 up

Sorry for taking so long to provide this, but here it is.

 Kaze Hikaru Ch. 98 Download - MediaFire

You can go ahead and upload it to other sites if you want, but you must give credit to Sei Scans.  Do not upload it to manga.animea.net .  I'm working on getting our group added to that site's scanslator list before we upload it.

 Other than that, I don't mind.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Kaze Hikaru Vol. 20 Ch. 98 - Our First Release~!

Alright everyone,  we have finally finished our first release for our new group!!!

If you find anything wrong with the translations or scans, let us know within the next week please!  We won't be uploading the scans to any other sites for a week.  We will do that ourselves so no one take our scans and upload them to other sites without our permission!

Note:  We may go back and translate the sound effects before we make the official release.

Now without further delay,

Kaze Hikaru Vol. 20 Ch. 98~!

Thank you all~!